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Anette Spiegel
Gunterstr. 11
D-86152 Augsburg
Tel. +49-(0)821-31 96 570
Fax: +49-(0)821-31 96 549

Tango cruise: more than just a vacation ...

The unique tango experience since 2002: a fusion of exciting dance and exhilarating travel.
Tango on luxurious cruise ships and in unique settings, meeting Tango friends from all over the world to dance together.
Each day is a new discovery - picturesque ports of the Mediterranean and South America, far-off horizons and breath-taking sunsets...

We look forward to cruise and to dance with you!



Once in a lifetime:
TANGO CRUISE from Buenos Aires around Cape Horn to Valparaiso Feb 28th - March 18th, 2018