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Anette Spiegel
Gunterstr. 11
D-86152 Augsburg
Tel. +49-(0)821-31 96 570
Fax: +49-(0)821-31 96 549

Tango cruise: more than just a holiday!
Each day is a new discovery - picturesque ports of the Mediterranean and unforgettable landscapes in South America, far-off horizons and breath-taking sunsets...
Dancing tango on luxurious cruise ships in unique settings, meeting tango friends from all over the world and sharing moments of dance and connection. Tango cruising with Bailando Reisen is a fusion of exciting and exhilarating moments either dancing or traveling.

We also welcome you to our tango holidays in Austria and Germany:
Tango classes in small groups with professional tango teachers in exclusive hotels: the perfect combination of recreation & tango.

We look forward to travelling and dancing with you!





Preview 2021:
Tango cruise - Baltic Sea:
Jul 3 - 15, 2021