Diana and Juan are a young and talented Argentinean Tango couple.
Porteños with milonga in their blood, they carry their knowledge and their dynamic dance throughout the world. They came together as a professional Tango couple in 2002. During the following years, they have become well known in the Tango environment in Buenos Aires, achieving artistic respect.
They have danced with great and outstanding orchestras, such as Sexteto Mayor, Quinteto Àngel Gran Orquesta Tipica Otra, Orquesta Silencio, Quinteto Zarate and many more.
Thanks to their pedagogy Diana and Juan are remarkable when giving lessons in the most famous Tango Festivals in Europe, as well as in Stuttgart, where they live and give regular lessons. Their lessons are based on the search of natural and harmonic movement; they create a warm and relaxed surrounding for a clean and secure learning experience, where we mix the placer, fun and knowledge. They teach in German and in English.


Diana and Juan
Diana and Juan