La sencillez crea belleza - Simplicity creates beauty –

Lam and Roberto are synonymous with traditional tango free of artifice.
“Simplicity creates beauty” represents an attitude and aesthetic that sets them apart from others.
Lam and Roberto combine the essence of tango from the 40’s, playing with the lyrics and rhythm of each song, bringing out the “porteño” and actor in Roberto, with an elegant and smooth sway in their movement.

They move with an energy that is very concentrated and silent, containing “a zen-like calmness.” In this way, they bring together two different sides of tango and emanate a unique style.

Since the beginning of their partnership, in 2009, they have performed more than 70 exhibitions in historic milongas of Buenos Aires. They are members of the AMBCTA (Asociacion de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreografos de Tango Argentino – Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango) and have no less than 200 students in Buenos Aires and Japan. In 2011, thier intensive workshops in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka were organized for 3 months in Japan and applouded with thier unique method of teaching. Currently they teach group classes at the famous milonga, Salón Canning.

Their search for and investigation into what generates the “best quality of movement” is what they hope to transmit to others. They stress that it is very important for their students develop a “natural movement,” because bodies, for dancers, are instruments.

* Winners of the 2009 Pre-World Cup Vicente Lopez Championship in the divisions of “Tango Salón” and “Milonga,”
* Fifth Place in “Tango Salón” – Tango World Cup 2009
* Fourth Place in “Tango Salón” and Fifth Place in “Milonga” and “Vals” – Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship 2010.

Lam and Roberto teach in english and spanish language.

Lam und Roberto
In this video you find three performances.

Lam Yuriko also designs Tango shoes. Her shop is in the centre of Buenos Aires: